Khulood Thani's art exhibition opens in Sharjah

Khulood Thani's art exhibition opens in Sharjah

DE.FASH.STRUCTION exhibition will run from Oct 7 – Dec 26

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Fashion designer directs art exhibition in the name of cultural heritage

Khulood Thani, the designer and founder of Bint Thani, is at the forefront of a fashion exhibition, created to conceptualise Middle Eastern history through threads. Curated at the 1971 Design Space in Sharjah, the exhibition will be an eclectic mix of jewellery and accessories, textiles and fashion photography.

Experienced and emerging artists from around the region have all sought to deconstruct the nation's many facets in order to explore how each one influences the growth of the UAE. Think Talin Hazbar, Alia Bin Omair, Amal Haliq, Bahar Al Bahar, Nadine Kanso, Mirjam Hiller, YO_CY KALO, Alia Dawood, Khalid Shafar, Faissal El Malak, Tahir Sultan, Ahmad Alanzi, oe-o, Ayah Al Bitar, Pose/Arazzi, Fatema Fardan, Katya  Kovtunovich, Bidwa, Tina Luther, Tijana Mladenovic and Saeed Khalifa. Their interpretation of the UAE's rich heritage will be translated onto fashion art pieces, which include everything from abayas and leather goods to designs and installations. A documentation of each artist's research is also  shared to allow the viewer to understand the thought process behind the art piece.

The exhibition is open from 7 October, 7pm until 26 December, 10pm. Entry is free.