Dubai-based Drawdeck teams up with emerging and established artists for a new project

Dubai-based Drawdeck teams up with emerging and established artists for a new project

First up – a collaboration with street artist Myne

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Drawdeck

Online, Dubai-based art community Drawdeck have announced a limited edition collaboration with street artist Myne

The collaboration with Myne kickstarts a new ongoing project for Drawdeck, which will see the online platform collaborating with emerging and established artists for limited edition prints for a unique concept titled '50/ Collection'.

Artist Myne has created a unique piece for the first ever Drawdeck 50/ Collection, which is available now as a collectors item and limited edition print.

Myne who was raised in London, UK, is best known for his trademark 'cloud', which he uses in his artworks under the project Myneandyours

"The cloud acts as a symbol of wonder. The idea behind it is to question its existence." Myne explained. "Repetition of any symbol should provoke thought and inspire a line of questioning. Its not directly selling you anything; its not formally part of any system; it just exists to exist and its this existence that I hope inspires you to question it."

The Myne piece, titled We Bleed As One (pictured above) explores the contradiction of a demoralising sadness that surrounds beauty:

"While we preach a belief that we are one, our behaviour sometimes suggests otherwise. We stand divided, and echo the sound of hypocrisy when we should find solidarity in each other, and it is this division that leaves us out of breath." Myne noted, adding: "There is a certain kind of tenderness we feel when we witness atrocities. We are all vulnerable to one other, and we bleed as one no matter the bubble we choose to live in. It is in the goodness that we find in each other that we gain strength and understanding of what it means to be human."

"We are extremely excited about launching our first 50/ Collection and are absolutely thrilled that Myne is the artist to do it," said David Hammond, founder of Drawdeck, "After meeting on several occasions we love the passion Myne has for his work and the underlying messages he portrays in his pieces. He's an artist that is making a name for himself in this region and we couldn't be happier with the final piece he has produced for Drawdeck".

As the project title suggests, just 50 of the We Bleed As One prints will be created, and each will be hand-signed by Myne. The print costs 1500AED for the standard version and 1900 AED for the framed art. The prints are available on the official Drawdeck website now.

The collaboration will also be showcased for the first time at the Dubai Christmas Market in Media City 11–13 December and at the Alserkal Avenue, Urban Market on the 13 December.