David Rinman's 'Cutting Records' installation

David Rinman's 'Cutting Records' installation

A playful expression

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Design Boom

Celebrating music and art together, Stockholm-based graphic designer and musician David Rinman has designed the sculpture ‘Cutting Records’

In a new sculpture that is made to look like a giant salami, even tied at the end and encased in a red-hued shell. instead of finding sliced meat on one end, an artist and musician has made it appear that used vinyl discs – four of which have been already 'sliced' off, are being stripped away from the main piece with a knife. 

It's a playful twist on the expression 'Cutting Records', which derives from the process of engraving grooves on a vinyl surface.

"Music is often the theme of my work and I have a special relationship to old vinyl records." Said the David Rinman, "A lot of the music I create is sample based. I enjoy re-contextualising sounds taken from loads of records and shaping them into new compositions. I'm constantly surround by vinyl. this time I wanted to use them in a new way. instead of seeing records as tools for making music, I wanted to use them as the basis for visual work."

David Rinman's 'Cutting Records' installation (фото 1)

David Rinman's 'Cutting Records' installation (фото 2)

David Rinman's 'Cutting Records' installation (фото 3)