Collective exhibition 'Contemporary Kingdom' in Jeddah

Collective exhibition 'Contemporary Kingdom' in Jeddah

At the Ayyam Gallery

Image: Ayyam Gallery

From 3 February to 28 February, Ayyam Gallery Jeddah will host 'Contemporary Kingdom', an exhibition of six contemporary Saudi Arabian artists

Spanning three generations, each artist in the new show announced by the Ayyam Gallery is specifically featured for their creative dynamism and consistent development in pushing the boundaries of contemporary and conceptual art in Saudi Arabia. 

In Contemporary Kingdom, Faisal Samra, Maha Malluh, Abdulnasser Gharem, Rashed Al Shashai, Shaweesh and Huda Beydoun will exhibit artworks addressing, as well as embodying the spirit of, the rapid modernity that has impacted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Ranging in age from twenty to sixty, the varied perspectives and diversity of media will present a truly inclusive exhibition, engaging audiences with the wide spectrum of ideas present in Saudi Arabia and starting a creative dialogue. 

Collective Exhibition 'Contemporary Kingdom' in Jeddah

Shaweesh, Sarah Attar (2013) - Spray Paint on Cardboard, 200 x 123 cm

Collective Exhibition 'Contemporary Kingdom' in Jeddah

Maha Mallouh, Bar-Coding III from Tradition & Modernity Series, Duratran – Light box, 124 x 158 cm

Collective Exhibition 'Contemporary Kingdom' in Jeddah

Huda Beydoun, Tagged & Documented (2013), C-Print Diasec Mounting, 50 x 75 cm, Edition of 8


Contemporary Kingdom will exhibit at the Ayyam Gallery Jeddah from 3 February - 28 February 2014.

Bougainvillea Center Jeddah, 3rd floor, King Abdulaziz Road, next to Stars Avenue, Al-Shati District, Jeddah, Tel: +966 12 613 4111.



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