Buro loves: CJ Hendry's photorealistic drawings

Buro loves: CJ Hendry's photorealistic drawings

Mesmerising illusions of realism

Image: CJ Hendry

The university dropout and ex professional swimmer found her calling in a fusion of art and fashion

At first glance, you would undoubtedly assume that CJ Hendry's pieces were photographs, but upon closer observation you come to realise that they are, in fact, drawn by hand.

Her mind-blowing precision when creating her photorealistic images is beyond compare, and her undeniable obsession with fashion is apparent in her subjects of choice, which vary from a Hermès scarf to a Louis Vuitton horse head.

The artist – who was discovered on Instagram – selects her images based on their simplicity and balance, or that "shows off" the item the best, and armed with only a paper and pen, she works for up to 200 hours on each piece, initially taking around 100 photos in different lightings and angles to capture the perfect contrast that will eventually be translated into drawings.

CJ explains: "The main reason I am so obsessed with expansive white backgrounds and highly detailed objects was through my early years of studying architecture. I was completely obsessed with the large plans with perfect lines... I was not very good on the computer so I drew all my plans for all the assignments and drew detailed renderings of the buildings."


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