Christie's Mayfair hosts first kinetic art exhibition

Christie's Mayfair hosts first kinetic art exhibition

Entitled 'Turn Me On'

Image: Christie's

London auction house Christie's in Mayfair opens its doors to a new exhibition of captivating moving art

More than 60 kinetic artworks will be on display for the next six weeks at the new Christie's gallery space in Mayfair. The exhibition, Turn Me On, will feature works produced between 1948 and 1979, and is hoping to revive a public interest and potential buying in kinetic art. 

Christie's post-war and contemporary art expert, Jacob Uecker, explains, "There are very different types of kinetic art. It's not a genre, it's not a movement," he adds, "It is often a lot about incorporating the spectator – the viewer, us – into the idea of the work itself."

The private sale exhibition will showcase examples of European and Latin American kinetic art, from nails attached to a piece of sailcloth that flies around at rapid speed, to 120 matches that are placed on a spinning plate waiting for someone to ignite them. 

"You have a lot of very different artists who are exploring ideas and new artistic tendencies through the use of new technologies and materials," Uecker stated.

The kinetic art pieces are displayed across three floors in the first exhibition of its kind to be held in London since 1970.

Turn Me On: European and Latin American Kinetic Art 1948-79 is at Christie's Mayfair, in London, until  April 7, 2014

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