'Whispers of Love' by Ramin Shirdel at the Ayyam Gallery

'Whispers of Love' by Ramin Shirdel at the Ayyam Gallery

A solo exhibition of the Tehran-based artist and architect

Image: Ayyam Gallery

The Ayyam Gallery in Dubai's DIFC district presents 'Whispers of Love', a solo exhibition by Tehran-based artist and architect Ramin Shirdel

Featuring ten recent and large-scale assemblage works by Ramin Shirdel, each piece to be on show at the Dubai branch of the international Ayyam Gallery is created using an accumulative process in which an average of 1,500 painted pieces. Each of which come together to form layers that spell out either words or individual letters in Farsi-Arabic script.

At first glance, the assemblage of script in red, yellow, purple, blue, and green evoke the conceptualism of American art frm the 60s. However, Shirdel's artistic influences are much closer to home and may be traced back centuries, an immediate source being the pictorial transformations of text found in calligraphic examples of Islamic art... 

'Whispers of Love' will launch with a private view on Monday May 5, and run as an exhibition open to the public until June 5