Iraqi artist Athier's 'Man of War' at Edge of Arabia in London

Iraqi artist Athier's 'Man of War' at Edge of Arabia in London

Vibrant colours and notions of fluidity

Image: Ayyam Gallery

Edge of Arabia Projects and the Ayyam Gallery come together to present 'Man of War' by London-based Iraqi artist Athier

Man of War will be the first UK solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by Athier,  to be shown in London, from February 17 to March 29.

Athier Mousawi known as simply 'Athier', is the son of renowned Iraqi architect and artist, Ali Mousawi and Maysaloun Faraj. His approach to art can be traced back to the rigidity of bold Arab architecture, combining this with the colour and boldness of Iraqi painting.

His iconic style ranges from influences across European modernism to contemporary Iraqi art. Athier's latest exhibition explores the concepts of fluidity and how people become detached from human deconstruction, alongside themes found in the reflection of recent Iraqi history.

man of war

A central symbol of inspiration seen throughout the new series of artwork is the Portuguese man-of-war, a sophisticated colonial organism often mistaken for a jellyfish. This creature exists without a central brain and is made up of separate parts incapable of independent survival.

man of war

In Athier's paintings for Man of War, the fluid movement is captured in a distorted rigid structure, trapping the diversity of life within its long twisted tentacles. Using the concept of this marine creature to reflect the artists experience of watching warfare in his motherland in the Middle East from his exiled position in the West.

Man of War runs from February 17 to March 29, at Edge of Arabia in London, find out more on the Ayyam Gallery website.