Art week at Al Serkal Avenue

Art week at Al Serkal Avenue

Festival of the arts

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Al Serkal Avenue

In line with the city-wide arts extravaganza, Dubai's art hotspot Al Serkal Avenue is holding its own Art Week this month. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

New openings, new exhibitions and new installations; these are just some of the happenings that art connoisseurs can expect during Al Serkal Avenue's Art Week. The festival, which runs from March 14-19, will see a gathering of artists from various disciplines, sharing and appreciating their passion for art. Buro 24/7 Middle East lists some of the main highlights...

Custot Gallery Dubai opening

Specialising in large sculptures and modern fine art, Custot Gallery Dubai will open with the launch of a group exhibition titled The World Meets Here. Reflecting gallery Founder Stephan Custot's discerning taste in art, the exhibition is a showcase of iconic global installations from modern master sculptors including Robert Indiana and Bernar Venet.

Art installation by Bernar Venet

Jean Paul Najar Foundation opening

A non-profit museum, the Jean Paul Najar Foundation brings over 600 post-minimalist artworks from a varied group of artists including Jene Highstein, Richard Nonas, Doug Sanderson, James Bishop, Gordon Matta-Clark, Suzanne Harris, Marcia Hafif, Christian Bonnefoi and Linda Francis. Not just an exhibition space, the museum will also be used for performances as well as education.

Jene Highstein four forged steel sculpture

When Heartstrings Collapse by Sara Naim

Visual artist Sara Naim explores the microscopic world in a photographic exhibition, uniquely utilising glitches that happen during medical scanning processes. Putting her own limbs under the scanners as subjects, Saim expertly combines the flaws of technology with the beauty of colour, art and composition to create her interpretation of the human body.

Blush by Sara Naim

When Heartstrings Collapse by Sara Naim runs from March 14-16 at The Third Line.

The Book [Re-Imagined]

Curated by Mohamed Abou Elnaga, The Book [Re-Imagined] is the first exhibition in the region that challenges the traditional notion of a book. Over 20 artists reinterpret the format, fashioning a new uninhibited version of the physical product, defining new protocols with new traditions.

Letter to the never was veritable by Dorothea Fleiss

The Book [Re-Imagined] runs from March 15- May15 at Mojo Gallery.

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