Art guide: Why these exhibition openings are must-sees

Art guide: Why these exhibition openings are must-sees

Made in Tashkeel, The Third Line, Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Four new art exhibitions have added talking points to the Middle Eastern gallery landscape as Ramadan begins. Discover the statement showcases now...

F our highly anticipated art exhibitions have opened this week, keeping Dubai's arts scene buzzing into the summer period. From a depiction of female artists in modern day Egypt to an African-inspired conceptual show and a calligraphic showcase, these are the galleries to visit this week...

Made in Tashkeel

Tashkeel's multi-disciplinary summer showcase, Made in Tashkeel, features masterpieces by over 30 artists with mediums ranging from textiles and jewellery to paintings and photography. As well, a host of must-have hand-printed items – designed by artists Ibraheem Khamayseh, Mobius Design Studio, Myneandyours, Tulip Hazbar and Wissam Shawkat – will be on sale including laptop bags, aprons, pencil rolls and notebooks.

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Made in Tashkeel runs until August 30 at Tashkeel. 

A Fast, Moving Sky curated by Dexter Wimberly

The Third Line, together with guest curator Dexter Wimberly, have gathered the works of four artists — Rushern Baker, Leonardo Benzant, Andrew Lyght and Valerie Piraino — who share a similar connection to Africa. Through the use of several artistic disciplines including sculpture and painting, the four express their ideas of African history, colonisation, spiritual beliefs and conflict.

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A Fast, Moving Sky runs from May 24 until July 25 at The Third Line.

Dance in the Dark by Mohammad Bozorgi

Iranian artist Mohammad Bozorgi returns to Ayyam Gallery for another solo exhibition that sees a continuation on from his previous conceptual work, Against the Darkness. Bozorgi once again explores the beauty that can be found in the natural world through his calligraphy, while fusing contemporary visual trends with traditional strokes.

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Dance in the Dark runs from May 23 until August 30 at Ayyam Gallery.

Modernist Women of Egypt by various artists

Green Art Gallery is inviting art connoisseurs to discover the unique roles that female artists played in the evolution of Egyptian art. This concept is explored through the masterful works of early modernist artists Inji Efflatoun, Vessela Farid, Tahia Halim and Margo Veillon. From the appointment of female politicians, through historic events in Egypt, moments were recorded using this unique art collection that marries nostalgia with hope.

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Modernist Women of Egypt will run from May 22 until July 27 at Green Art Gallery. 

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