Art guide: Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Z Gallery, The Third Line

Art guide: Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Z Gallery, The Third Line

Calligraphy, photography, expressionism

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

The UAE's vibrant arts scene once again offers the art aficionados a host of new exhibitions to discover this weekend.

It's all about revisiting the past as a host of UAE galleries open their doors to exhibitions that explore the nostalgia of a country, the essence of regional languages as well as a contemporary interpretation of a popular arts movement.

Luscious, a group exhibition

Etihad Modern Art Gallery brings together five artists from the UAE, France, Lebanon and Syria – Dr. Najjat Makki, Khulood Al Jabri, Lama Rommo, Amélie Ducommun and Tala Hammoud Atrouni – for a showcase of impressionism and expressionism. Expect abstract concepts and colourful tones that are inspired from a range of elements, from the ocean to the calm state of mind.

Art guide April 14-16

Luscious runs until April 27 at Etihad Modern Art Gallery. 

Abstract Calligraphy by Hamza Abdulbasit

Going back to his ancestral roots, Canadian artist Hamza Abdulbasit reimagines Arabic and Urdu scripts in abstract forms, one letter of the alphabet at a time. The result is a smorgasbord of bright, vivid colours and forms that mimic the represented cultures.

Art guide April 14-16

Abstract Calligraphy runs until June 30 at Z Gallery.

Suite Egyptienne by Fouad Elkoury

The fourth solo exhibition in Dubai by Lebanese artist Fouad Elkoury, Suite Egyptienne is a collection of images capturing the romanticism of late '80s Egypt. Fouad's poetic take on historical documentation was inspired by Gustave Flaubert and Maxime Du Camp, the famous French duo who, after their commissioned exploration of Egypt in 1849, were largely credited with starting travel photography.

Art guide April 14-16

Suite Egyptienne runs until May 16 at The Third Line.

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