Art 4 Sight's charity auction in Dubai

Art 4 Sight's charity auction in Dubai

Taking place on April 23 and 24

The annual Art 4 Sight charity event encompasses donated artwork being exhibited and sold in a fundraising auction to support Noor Dubai’s global programs

Focused on preventing blindness, Art 4 Sight is the only Middle Eastern art exhibition and auction dedicated to restoring the gift of sight. 

The charity was inspired by 12 year old Fatoumata from Mali who regained her sight following an eye surgery performed by the Noor Dubai team. The young girl was fascinated by the variety of colours around her, surprising the team by painting while in her recovery stage.

With great support from several prominent artists, local art galleries and renowned auction houses, Art 4 Sight has managed to successfully raise a significant amount of funds for the foundation and increase awareness of those living in darkness.

This year, the Art 4 Sight charity auction will take place at Dubai Ladies Club on Jumeirah Road.  The official opening will take place on April 23 followed by an art auction conducted by Christie's on the 24th.


A wide variety of artworks from renowned artists such as Saleh Al Shukairi, Manal Al Dowayan, Tarek Al Ghoussein, Lateefa Bint Maktoum, Ruben Sanchez and eL Seed will be up for sale on the 24th, with the proceeds going to Noor Dubai's fight against preventable blindness. 

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