Art guide: January 28-29 weekend collection

Art guide: January 28-29 weekend collection

Leila Heller Gallery, Artspace, XVA Gallery

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Buro 24/7 Middle East lists the must-see exhibitions and the must-go-to galleries this weekend.

The first month of the new year is almost over but not before an onslaught of exhibition openings that is certain to satiate every art connoisseur. From sculptures to calligraphy, these are the top art events that you should not miss out on.

Open Horizons by Nasser Al Aswadi

Using the whole gamut of Arabic writing styles, French-based Nasser Al Aswadi creates works that are inspired by everyday life. Each art piece is assigned one particular calligraphic style and with seemingly random yet perfect placement of the words, creates a bigger picture that tells a story.

Weekend arts fest January 27-29

Open Horizons is exhibited at Artspace, DIFC.  

Sculptures by Tony Cragg

The first solo exhibition in the UAE by British sculptor Tony Cragg will see a display of 18 new masterpieces created from a variety of materials from bronze and stone to wood and glass. "Sculpture expands the possibilities of our own horizon and allows us to expand our imagination," said Cragg. Expect Murano glass as well as a bronze manipulation technique that is unique to the artist.

Weekend arts fest January 27-29

Sculptures runs until March 6 at Leila Heller Gallery.

Inside/Outside by Wissam Shawkat

Self-taught calligrapher Wissam Shawkat has moved from the classical to a more abstract art form and in the process, created his own individual style which he calls Calligraform. "This refers to the emphasis on the forms of the letters, their inner and outer spaces and graphic quality, investigated in tandem with the precise shapes of calligraphic characters," said Shawkat. A smorgasbord of geometric shapes, letters and typography await the viewer.  

Weekend arts fest January 27-29

Inside/Outside runs until March 7 at XVA Gallery.

Also, don't miss the full programme and line-up for Art Dubai 2017.

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