5 up-and-coming street artists to look out for in 2014

5 up-and-coming street artists to look out for in 2014

New art - new inspiration

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Buro24/7 Middle East is keeping our eyes and ears close to the streets, join us as we present the artists to look out for in 2014 in the world of street art

This New Year of 2014, brings with it, new talent and art. We have handpicked our top 5 new street artists, whos presence in the art world and in our everyday world are becoming more recognised - who ever said brick walls can't be a perfect canvas?


Various and Gould

The dynamic duo, Various and Gould started working together in 2005, sharing a mutual love of paper and the use of colour. Their main method of getting their message across can be seen in screen-printing and collage. They have also started to experiment with installations and public performances. Various and Gould use heavy themes such as work, immigration, death, identity and religion, but its always done with a playful and light-hearted manner. Their latest installation is, 'Wanted Witches - Witches Wanted'.


5 street artists


Kashink is one of the last standing female artists in the French street art scene. The artist lives in Paris, France and is constantly getting inspired from different cultures and her travels. She is a female painter representing female figures but only paints male characters, using thick brush strokes, vivid colours and animated cartoon like features. We also forgot to mention she wears a penciled on moustache. 


5 street artists

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn

Jessi Unterhalter and Katey Truhn are a Baltimore based team, spreading their vision of colour and geometric form to any ground they walk on. They started working together at the Open Walls Street Art Project, a project aimed to revitalise outdoor public spaces with the use of vibrant art. In their latest project they created the illusion of a beautiful tribal carpet on a flat concrete walkway. Transforming our surroundings, one pavement at a time. 


5 street artists


Nanook is a traveller and has lived in places like Buenos Aires, Reno and Baltimore - a very interesting combination for a graffiti artist. From his work you can see his experiences travelling and the people he has met along the way have inspired him to create the most interesting murals, which always tell a story.

5 street artists

Monica Canilao

Monica Caniloa, is not your ordinary graffiti artist, mixing mediums and always using the most of her surroundings. This California native likes to challenge her viewers with her art, which ranges from paintings/drawings, installations, mixed media, and fabric. Caniloa has shown her art in galleries, community public spaces and abandoned places all over the world.

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