2017 Venice Biennale: Middle Eastern artists to look out for

2017 Venice Biennale: Middle Eastern artists to look out for


Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

The 2017 Venice Biennale opens this weekend and Buro 24/7 Middle East puts the spotlight on a group of regional artists who are ready to impress the global arts community.

The 57th edition of the Venice Biennale is ready and it's shaping up to be the perfect platform for a Middle Eastern arts showcase. From film installations to sculptures and textiles, Buro 24/7 Middle East takes a peek inside the regional pavilions for the best talent on show in Italy.

Nujoom Alghanem, UAE Pavilion

Taking inspiration from her early works, specifically the Silsalat Al Ramad, Volume 1, Emirati artist Nujoom Alghanem injects poetry into a sound installation for her Venice showcase titled Between Heaven and Earth, the Body I Borrowed. Dark, enchanting and thought-provoking, this is a must-see!

2017 Venice Biennale preview

Hale Tenger, Turkey Pavilion

Renowned Turkish installation artist Hale Tenger has exhibited around the world, from Paris to New York and Seoul. In Venice, select pieces from her oeuvre will be apart of the main Turkish exhibition, Viva Arte Via, where Tenger's signature conceptual and immersive works invite interaction and participation from the viewers.

2017 Venice Biennale preview

Sara Al Haddad, UAE Pavilion

Along with an existing piece "As You Try To Forget Me", textile artist Sara Al Haddad debuts two new commissions titled "Don't You Ever Leave Me Alone, a Hanging Screen", and "Can't You See How I Feel". Utilising the pillars of the pavilion, Al Haddad wraps the structure with her yarn in a highly conceptual work that features elements of emotions and feminism. 

2017 Venice Biennale preview

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Iraq Pavilion

Recently in focus at Art Dubai 2017, Netherlands-based Iraqi artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji will showcase a body of work titled I Am the Hunter/I Am the Prey. The multi-disciplinary collection, which centres around the duality of life's experiences and human interaction, draws inspiration from a wide range of elements including language and war.

2017 Venice Biennale preview

Moataz Nasr, Egypt Pavilion

Step into the mythical world of a small fictional village in Egypt in Moataz Nasr's grand multi-sensory showcase. Here a film projection highlights the struggles of the villagers against an other-worldly force. The work was conceptualised to explore the barriers caused by fear and how it can be overcome through humanity. 

2017 Venice Biennale preview

The Venice Biennale runs from May 13 until November 26. Now, discover the Air Drive exhibition at MB&F M.A.D.Gallery, Dubai.: 

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