Trending now: Four nourishing skincare essentials

Trending now: Four nourishing skincare essentials

La Prairie, Chanel, Memo Paris, The Organic Pharmacy

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

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Image: La Prairie,
Memo Paris,
The Organic Pharmacy

Maintain healthy looking skin this summer with these four must-have products created by leading beauty brands...

In the peak of summer, switch things up in your beauty box! How? Thankfully, four brands have just released their latest must-have beauty products and they're as nourishing as they are luxurious. From a refreshing face wash to an anti-aging night mask and a cleansing gel, there's a perfect pot for everyone. Discover why you need La PrairieChanel, Memo Paris and The Organic Formula's newest formulas now...

La Prairie Illuminating Pearl Infusion, Dhs2,205

La Prairie
Looking for a solution to keep your skin younger and nourished? La Prairie's new Illuminating Pearl Infusion is the ultimate formula to keep your skin soft, smooth and firm. Plus it has dedicated agents, which are used to tackle three types of skin issues: redness, dullness and unevenness. Apply twice a day and you'll notice a change thanks to an injection of ingredients — think golden caviar, Vitamin C and Diglucosyl Gallic Acid (DGA).

Chanel Le Lift Skin Recovery Sleep Mask, Dhs370


Chanel's latest must-have beauty product Le Lift Skin Recovery Sleep Mask is a formula created to target signs of aging. While naturally restoring the condition of your skin around your face and neck, Le Lift Skin Recovery's silk ingredients are refreshing and helpful to the skin. Easy to use, this coveted formula is one that every woman should include in their beauty routines.  

Memo Paris French Leather Cleansing Gel, Dhs310

Memo Paris

Go on an adventure with Memo Paris' new Bathing Retreat line. Complete with the brand's signature scents including French leather, the cleansing gel — available for the face, body and hands — bottles ingredients such as lime, cedar, pink pepper, musk and rose, to create a cleansing formula that washes skin thoroughly and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. 

The Organic Pharmacy Face Wash, Dhs230

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The Organic Pharmacy's Eucalyptus and Peppermint Face Wash will soon be your go-to product every morning and evening. Not only is it enriched with refreshing scents but, an injection of lavender and tea tree well keep your skin fresh and blemish-free as they help to purify your skin while washing the bacteria away.

La Prairie, Chanel, Memo Paris and The Organic Pharmacy's new formulas are available at select beauty counters across the Middle East. Now, take a look at these five summer shades that are demanding your attention this season

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