Face formulas: Top 3 must-try moisturisers

Face formulas: Top 3 must-try moisturisers

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Text: Chloe Allan

Keep your skin hydrated with Buro 24/7 Middle East's must-try luxurious moisturisers...

No matter your skin type a luxurious day cream is essential to keeping your skin soft, healthy and hydrated. A good moisturiser should be a daily to-do, enriched in vitamins, fabulous formulas and anti-ageing benefits that will leave you feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated. Take a look at Buro 24/7 Middle East's latest must-try's....

1. Chanel Le Weekend Edition Douce, Dhs450

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The combination of rose water and glycolic acid results in a luxuriously soft and luminous formula from Chanel. Designed to relax and refreshen your face, this unique cream is best applied after your daily cleanse and tone routine. It  also makes for the perfect makeup base. 

2. Shiseido Benefiance Nutriperfect Day Cream, Dhs529

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Shiseido's Nutriperfect cream protects your skin with its anti-agening strength formula made of Carnosine DP and multi-vitamins B, C, E and P. This special combination glides evenly over your face resulting in a firmer touch and a youthful glow.


3. Clarins Multi-Active Jour Day Cream, Dhs220

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The Clarins Multi-Active Jour Day Cream is designed to help fight the look of daily stress and tired skin. This brand new formula is made from organic teasel, Myrothamnus and organic California poppy, which helps dissolve the early stages of micro-lines and evenly hydrates.

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