YSL launches latest skin-care range: 'Or Rouge'

YSL launches latest skin-care range: 'Or Rouge'

Anti-ageing range using Morrocan saffron

Image: WWD

Featuring the rare spice of saffron from the moutains of Morroco, a new skin-care range from YSL will help to battle the signs of ageing

Yves Saint Laurent is rolling out a new skin-care range, that features a key ingredient of the rare spice Saffron. The exact strain of which comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco – a place that maintains strong links with Yves Saint Laurent himself; it's where he sourced much of his inspiration.

YSL new line skincare

YSL's beauty company executives charaterise the new range as a "skin renaissance" treatment – an anti-aging line that will help to maintain skin quality, uniformity, and also help to enhance its natural protection.

It will work on all problem areas, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

'Or Rouge' will have an exclusive launch in Harrods in the UK in February, followed by the U.S. in March, before a wider global launch including the Middle East in April, and then China in September