Sephora launches 'Store to Door'

Sephora launches 'Store to Door'

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Image: Sephora

If a customer wants to purchase a make-up shade or product that’s not available – or they don’t want to carry their bag home, a Sephora associate will place the customer’s order via iPod Touch, and it will be delivered to their home in three days or less for free

This September, Sephora's American outlets will launch a new initiative called 'Store to Door'... Meaning that convenience is key, and free.

“It’s easy and it just leverages the e-commerce inventory,” said Julie Bornstein, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Sephora Americas. “[Before] we had the ability to call and place an order for you, but this is an added service.”

“For us, digital has always been a means to an end,” she said, “which is creating a perfect shopping experience.” 

Bornstein also noted that the second generation of the brand's 'Fragrance IQ' concept enables consumers to narrow down their fragrance selection by telling the technology what they like. Then the interactive wall-mounted system narrows down a selection of scents for the consumer to try.