Natura Bissé to launch skincare range for younger demographic

Natura Bissé to launch skincare range for younger demographic

Aging gracefully

For the past 30 year Natura Bissé has been at the forefront of cutting edge skin care technology, aimed for older woman, today the company hopes to win more young customers with its new line of skincare...

The launch of Essential Shock Intense Collection by Natura Bissé hopes to create a new buzz in the beauty department. 

"Essential Shock is a collection that a younger demographic would be interested in to offset premature aging, or any age group that wants to purchase anti-aging treatment," stated Michael Ann Guthrie, vice president of international retail experience at Natura Bissé. 

According to Gerardo Gomez, chief executive officer of Natura Bissé International, Essential Shock Intense is expected to bring in 50 percent more sales than the former Essential Shock line, which launched in 1979 as a moisturizer and firming cream that has high concentration of amino acids.

The reformulation of the famed product boasts 20 active ingredients, an alluring fragrance and unique matte-gold packaging. The new and improved skin potion features a proteoglycan complex to promote firmness and elasticity and an additional amino acid blend for hydration and luminous skin.

Essential Shock Intense will launch July 1 at Bergdorf Goodman and other luxury stores and spas in August. 

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