Miranda Kerr for Kora Organics

Miranda Kerr for Kora Organics

Multitasking made beautiful

Image: Kora Organics

Setting aside her recent marriage breakdown, Miranda Kerr is devoting time to her own brand of organic cosmetics Kora Organics – in more ways than one.

In conjunction with the release of her debut book 'Treasure Yourself', the supermodel has placed herself as the star of a campaign shoot for her line of products, too.

Combining rich golden sands and a fresh mint dress – Kerr looks utterly radiant and romantic, nailing beach beauty in one.

Despite the Kora Organics range not actually providing an SPF product, it does offer a special something – the Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil, with a base of organic rosehip extract, to moisturise and soften skin after sunbathing. Unfortunately emulating Miranda on the sand is up to you. 

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