Marc Jacobs launches brand new fragrance

Marc Jacobs launches brand new fragrance

'Mod Noir'

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Marc Jacobs has unveiled a brand new fragrance – titled 'Mod Noir' – which comes encased in a striking black and white striped bottle. Discover the details here...

Iconic American fashion designer Marc Jacobs has announced a brand new fragrance for spring 2015. Named 'Mod Noir', the new perfume is inspired by the beautiful scent of gardenias – which were the blooms that were the base of his first fragrance with LVMH almost a decade ago.

Mod Noir will debut exclusively at freestanding Sephora doors in the U.S. and Marc Jacobs boutiques in June and July this year. 

“Every time I go to an airport or open a magazine [and see one], I think, ‘Wow, I’m a real designer. I have a perfume,’” Marc Jacobs told WWD. The designer also noted that even he himself is surprised by the number of fragrances he has: “I have the same basic attitude toward everything — I get very excited about doing new things and projects,” he said. “When fragrances first started, I was superexcited about being able to do it, and I thought, ‘Well, we’ll see how it goes. If it works, then we’ll do more, and if it doesn’t, we’ll try again to do something else.’ The best test is the customer.”

Marc Jacobs

Created in partnership with Jean-Claude Delville at Symrise, the new floral creation has fresh green top notes, a heart of gardenia and a drydown of creamy musks and comes encased in a striking black and white striped bottle – the same signature colours of beauty giant Sephora, where the new fragrance will exclusively debut (outside of Jacobs' own boutiques) worldwide come July 2015.

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