Maison Martin Margiela: Replica

Maison Martin Margiela: Replica

Bottled memories

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Maison Martin Margiela has presented a collection of three fragrances under the name 'Replica', all of which take on similar values to that of the clothing line – "reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods".

The idea behind the set of perfumes is to reference three events in the distant past, directly taken from the memory of the perfumer himself.

'Flower Market' (a pink mix of freesia, rose petals, jasmine and tuberose) is, funnily enough, the memory of walking around a flower market in 2011. The yellow 'Beach Walk' (bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, musk and heliotrope) is a return to a walk along the beach at Calvi in 1972. Finally, 'Funfair Evening' (a lilac blend of apple, anise, marshmallow, caramel and orange) - is influenced by a few minutes spent on the pier in Santa Monica in 1994.

Each fragrance is placed in a simple, classic bottle of clear glass labelled in a way that follows the design of the labels on the designer's clothes.


Maison Martin Margiela Replica

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