MAC Cosmetics opens first make-up studio in NYC

MAC Cosmetics opens first make-up studio in NYC

Where beauty never sleeps...

New York City is set to host the first ever MAC cosmetics make-up studio, where the emphasis is on services over sales. Get the full beauty scoop here…

MAC Cosmetics is branching out from it's highly successful make-up stores and concessions, to launch its very first make-up studio. Catering to the selfie-age New York population, where not only the city never sleeps but apparently neither does beauty, with the Lexington Avenue studio opting to open seven days a week from 7am. 

Launching in two weeks, the studio will house six make-up chairs where clients can pop in and choose from a menu of looks including the classic 'smoky-eye' among others. There are also two VIP stations, set aside behind metallic beaded curtains, if it is a big reveal that you are after. 

Whilst the emphasis, for the first time, will be on service rather than sales, there will still be plenty of hot MAC products on offer for purchase, should you wish to learn some techniques and recreate your look at home. Would you like to see a MAC studio open in your city?