Lisa Eldridge named Lancôme’s newest makeup creative director

Lisa Eldridge named Lancôme’s newest makeup creative director

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Editor: Buro 24/7

Celebrated British makeup guru Lisa Eldridge has been named beauty giant Lancôme’s newest creative director…

Expected to officially announce the news later today, Lancôme have tapped respected British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge to be its newest creative director.

Speaking of the new appointment, Françoise Lehmann – general manager of Lancôme International – said: "Lisa and Lancôme share the same values," adding, "We have the same desire to provide to women the keys to a more intimate and deep sense of beauty, rather than one that is solely on the surface. A style of beauty that removes itself from a purely materialistic vision of femininity to one that is aspirational and influential."

Lehmann explained that Eldridge will work closely with Lancôme to "create products and collections that embody her effortlessly chic philosophy - one she shares with Lancôme. She will also craft application-gesture techniques and tutorials designed to make women's lives easier and turn makeup into a source of liberation rather than a constraint - another vision that she shares with the brand. Whether natural or glamorous, her use of makeup is always designed to make women look and feel beautiful. Lisa is not interested in out-dated beauty precepts, though often follows three golden rules: choose between eyes or lips, buy products that illuminate your face only after trying it out in natural light and, first and foremost, a beautiful complexion is key."

Eldridge noted that it was an "exciting new adventure", saying "We are designing a brand-new Paris makeup atelier, and I can't wait to start creating new collections, shades and products, as well as posting the online content we have in mind."

In the past, Eldridge has collaborated with Shiseido and No.7 cosmetics; she has also collaborated with a host of big fashion names for shows and campaigns, including Prada, Chloé and Donna Karan.