Tom Ford debuts 50 mini ‘clutch-size’ lipsticks

Tom Ford debuts 50 mini ‘clutch-size’ lipsticks

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Designer Tom Ford is expanding his cosmetics offering – unveiling a collection of 50 miniature lipsticks just in time for the holiday season

For his Estée Lauder-licensed beauty line, Ford has announced a new collection of 50 tiny lipsticks. The Lips & Boys collection features 50 shades, which have all been named after a man – past or present – in Ford's life.

The the collection of lipsticks will also be for sale separately, starting November 28 at exactly 12.01am on, for just one day. On December 26 the collection will be available again, across stores worldwide.

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Fans of Ford will not be surprised to learn that the ambitious designer has big plans for his cosmetics line: "If I don't believe I have something to say, and if I don't believe that I can compete, I don't do it," Ford told WWD. "I've never understood people who wanted to do something and said, 'Oh, I'm going to do this, but I'm just going to be the second-best'. I believe that I have a point of view in beauty, and I believe we have enormous potential."

"I'd like to take it to a $3 billion business, and I'm not kidding at all," Ford said. The cosmetics brand's volume is currently estimated at $370 million.

"I'm as serious about the beauty side of my business as I am about women's wear and men's wear and every product I do. I think MAC is a $3 billion brand, and I want to take [my brand] there. We want to be one of the top five luxury brands in the world. And I think you get there by doing innovative, original things. Launching 50 shades of lipstick at once is already innovative, as is naming them after boys and making them miniature. People carry teeny-tiny little bags today, and are trying to fit their iPhone, money and a key. I think the idea of a small bag is modern, and you need to be able to fit a lipstick into that small space. It seems that there's a trend these days to miniaturize things."

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10 shade spectrums feature in the Lips & Boys collection – made up of high-pigment shades using a base of soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil. 36 of the 50-strong collection are new shades, with Ford predicting that the best performers will be: Tomas, a coral hue; Matthew, a coral pink; Flynn, a light pink; Giacomo, a deep rose, and Patrick, a muted coral pink. Each clutch-size lipstick will retail for $32.

When asked by WWD why Ford chose men's names for the shades, he replied: "I've always loved that masculine-feminine thing," the designer said, acknowledging that his fragrances are mostly unisex. "Obviously I'm not expecting a lot of men to wear the lipsticks, but I liked the concept. I love seeing a woman in a man's suit. Why not have a lipstick named after a man? I could be perverse – and if I were still drinking a lot I'd be perverse, but I'm now a little more tame – but I'm not going to go there."

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