Launching soon: Gucci Absolute, created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas

Launching soon: Gucci Absolute, created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas


Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Gucci

Gucci Absolute's 'nose' Alberto Morillas on "a new generation of oud..."

Italian luxury label Gucci has just revealed exclusively to Buro 24/7 Middle East that their latest fragrance, Gucci Absolute, is complete with a unique new oud combination. Reflecting the maison's freedom of creative expression without limitations or boundaries, the new scent was created through an artistic partnership between Creative Director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

Gucci Absolute Alberto Morillas

Speaking about the collaboration, Morillas said, "He (Alessandro) told me he wanted to create a perfume that features leather from Gucci's heritage and gave the inspiration as a tree surrounded by leather. He also told me that the price is not important, just make the most beautiful perfume."

With that assurance, Morillas set out to create a scent that included two ground-breaking elements that have never before been used in olfactory: wood leather, extracted from oud oil and Goldenwood, tapped from cedar wood in Alaska. Rounding off the ingredients list in Gucci's unique leather scent is the essence of patchouli. "The ingredients we chose are special to Gucci," explained Morillas. "It's a new generation of oud with the use of new technology. It was my interpretation of leather, when you smell the fragrance you can smell the oud and it is a mystery because everyone smells it differently. The molecule of oud we used is unique and no one can duplicate it."

Gucci Absolute Alberto Morillas

The end product is what Gucci calls both ageless and genderless, in line with Michele's future direction for the maison and in tune with the Jared Leto-starred visual campaign. "I created many different directions but when he smelt this one – sample number 25 – he immediately exclaimed that this is his perfume!" shared Morillas. "Also, the Gucci advert is very intriguing because you don't know whether it is for men or women. This particular one is made for men but I was very surprised that many ladies want it for themselves because they feel different when they wear it. This is important because we only want to create enjoyment when wearing it."

Gucci Absolute will be available across the Middle East in April. Meanwhile, browse Gucci's Fall/Winter '17 collection.

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