Kendall Jenner stars in futuristic Courrèges x Estée Lauder video

Kendall Jenner stars in futuristic Courrèges x Estée Lauder video

Futuristic flamboyance

Kendall Jenner works some very futuristic shapes in Estée Lauder’s latest video for its new, limited-edition Courrèges collection – inspired by French designer André Courrèges...

Estée Lauder's latest makeup collection titled 'Courrèges' features a limited-edition line-up of 13 unique pieces that range from eyeliner and fake eyelashes to lip gloss and eye shadow.

To celebrate the new collection, Kendall Jenner  who was named the latest face of the beauty giant back in November – stars in a fun new video, rocking bright colours and futuristic shapes. The full campaign and images, which will also star fellow Lauder face Olivia Wilde, are expected to be released shortly, and primarily online.

The bright new collection was inspired by French fashion designer André Courrèges, who is famous for his space-age silhouettes. In the new video Jenner is seen wearing a vivid pink Courrèges jacket with an orange visor, and a white mesh mini-dress.

"When you are dressed in a Sixties way you feel stronger because you have to assume your outfit and makeup." Jenner noted in an interview at the celebratory dinner for the new cosmetic line during Paris Fashion Week.

Take a look at the new video below:

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