Hourglass Cosmetics confirms it's going fully vegan by 2020

Hourglass Cosmetics confirms it's going fully vegan by 2020

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Text: Maddison Glendinning

Image: Instagram/Hourglass Cosmetics

One of our fave beauty brands just made us love them even more with their latest announcement...

As the fashion industry increasingly re-evaluates its position on fur and other controversial materials, the beauty industry is also making great strides to make sure our animal friends are alive and well. 

Leading the charge is American brand Hourglass Cosmetics, whose most recent marketing campaign confirms its entire product line-up will be vegan by the end of  2020. Sharing a beautiful video that shows models posing next to horses, the brand wrote, "We see eye to eye with animals. It is our mission to protect them in beauty and beyond. Hourglass has always been and will always be a cruelty free luxury beauty brand, but we’ve also made a commitment to become fully vegan in 2020."

According to Glossy, "80 per cent of [Hourglass'] products are already compliant" to the vegan-friendly mandate. Speaking to the website, Carisa Janes, the brand's CEO, said, "Transparency with our consumers is crucial. That includes [being transparent] on what's in the product, and communicating that through Sephora, on our website and in-store to make sure the consumer has the information she is looking for." 

As for whether or not they expect other brands to follow suit, Janes said, "Probably not, but I do think that once you raise that bar like this, consumers will transfer their expectations from brand to brand."

This certainly is an excellent start. 

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