Hermès to debut home fragrances in December

Hermès to debut home fragrances in December

Le Parfum de la Maison

Editor: Buro 24/7

Buro 24/7 favourite Hermès has announced that it will enter the realm of home fragrances next month – with a new range, Le Parfum de la Maison

Launching December 1, Hermès new home fragrance edit is the brainchild of Céline Ellena, daughter of its in-house 'nose' Jean-Claude Ellena

"When someone is at home, they hear the small sounds of the house, the breathing of the house," Céline Ellena explained, calling it a "false silence", which allows one to begin dreaming. "The home fragrances are the little dreams. It's as if you listen to a sound with your nose. It's a whisper - but olfactive. It is a fragrant sound. They are my dreams." 

Ellena's “perfume-reveries” were created to evoke different memories – Des pas sur la neige (Footprints in the Snow), Temps de pluie (Wet Weather), Fenêtre ouverte (Open Window), Champ libre (Open Field) and À cheval! (On Horseback!). 

"For us, home fragrance is a new territory of expression that's very important and marks the evolution of our business toward what we call 'art de vivre' of perfume," Catherine Fulconis, chief executive officer of Hermès Parfums said. 

After the introduction of its bath collection in June, the new Le Parfum de la Maison further expands Hermès beauty offering – offering clients the opportunity to experience its luxury scents outside of the bathroom, and in every room of the house.

Designer Guillaume Bardet wanted to create objects for the new range that are "messengers of scents" and "whispers". He worked with paper for its texture and sense of fragileness – using the material to create bowl shapes for the candles, which were then done in porcelain.

The interiors of said candle bowls are coloured differently according to the scent that they carry. À cheval! has a pumpkin-coloured interior, while Des pas sur la neige's is taupe and a fragranced ceramic pebble also features in the new lineup.  

The new collection will be available at Hermès boutiques worldwide December 1