Helmut Lang to revive three iconic scents

Helmut Lang to revive three iconic scents

Signature trio

Editor: Buro 24/7

Helmut Lang have announced that three signature perfumes from the house's fragrant past are about to be recreated

Two of the perfumes – 'Eau de Parfum' and 'Eau de Cologne' – were first created by Maurice Roucel at Symrise back in 2000. Both scents feature opening notes of lavender and rosemary, with dry notes of cedarwood, musk, vanilla and amber. 

"It's reminiscent of the smell of sheets after a man's been with someone," said Roucel of his creations. "It's sensual, but in a very refined way."  

The third and final perfume in the trio is called 'Cuiron' made its debut two years later in 2002. Helmut Lang ceased production on all of the perfumes in 2005.

It's a bold move for the house – the fragrance market is currently quite weak, and there is the issue of two rather important absent figureheads after creative directors Michael and Nicole Colovos stepped down from Helmut Lang in February. 

The re-introduction of three of its classic beauty products offer an opportunity to revisit an signature moment for the brand. The trio will only be available in 100 ml sizes and will retail for $165–185 come October 10.