First look: Guo Pei x MAC Cosmetics

First look: Guo Pei x MAC Cosmetics

The designer behind Rihanna's Met Gala look

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The first look at the new exciting collaboration between Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala dress designer – Guo Pei – and cosmetics giant, MAC is here...

MAC Cosmetics have revealed yet another creative collaboration – this time with Chinese courtier, Guo Pei (pictured below). The designer is the talent responsible for Rihanna's dramatic, yellow-caped gown at the 2015 Met Gala and currently has two looks exhibiting at Wintour and co's China: Through the Looking Glass showcase.

The collaborative makeup collection features 16 pieces and Pei revealed that she designed eight dresses exclusively for inspiration for the project, and then built the cosmetic pieces around them – the whole process took three years.

"There is a Chinese saying, 'There is a kingdom in a flower; a wisdom in a leaf,'" Pei said. "I always find the power of nature fascinating, especially when the flowers are blossoming. The idea inspired the creative process of the dresses for MAC. I finished my preliminary sketch in my study on one quiet afternoon without a break. However, while the drawings were beautiful, they lacked completeness.

"Then one day, my daughter showed me a set of extraordinarily beautiful pictures of the Milky Way. The intoxicating colours of the universe sparked a power of life in my soul... I captured the energy and created eight dresses for MAC – 'Garden of Soul.' Based upon the eight dresses, we developed this beautiful makeup collection." 


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