At your fingertips: Google reveals the most searched beauty questions

At your fingertips: Google reveals the most searched beauty questions

Find out what the most popular UAE search is...

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Google has unveiled its most-searched beauty questions – find out what is the most popular typed question in the UAE, India, Australia, Brazil, France and more here...

Google unveils the world's most searched beauty questions, which country do you think is Googling about the uses of olive oil? And which is concerned about skin shrinking? Who is obsessed with hair growth? And who simply wants to know the basic products that every girl needs? Find out below...


In France the main concern is about cosmetic freshness, with the most Googled beauty question revealed as "When does makeup expire?" Most makeup products now have the expiry date listed on them, just like food. However, if no expiration date is given it is thought wise to be extra safe and vigilant with any eye makeup products. Experts recommend disposing of mascara, eye liner and the like after three months. 


Brazilians are the nation responsible for the rather strange top ten most Googled question – "How much can skin shrink?" The youth-loving country is the world's top plastic surgery location, with more plastic surgery operations performed in Brazil every year than any other country. The number one top Google question in Brazil? "How often to shampoo hair?" The answer? It depends on your hair type, if you hair is oily you can wash it daily, drier hair types can get away with leaving it a week. 

United Arab Emirates

Here in the UAE, the most Googled beauty question is: "What are makeup basics every girl should have?" For the country known worldwide for its obsession with fragrance and beauty, the Middle Eastern's most Googled question is somewhat tame. Perhaps proving that the basics are what women are most concerned with in the UAE. Chinese hair rebonding and hair Botox treatments also scored high on the list, making it onto the top ten most Googled beauty questions in the UAE. 

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According to this study, Aussies are hair obsessed, with the most Googled question in Australia revealed as "Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?" And many of its top ten Googled questions related to tresses, including "how to grow hair fast" and "how to make hair thicker." Back to the wet hair question, according to experts it could be worse for your hair to air-dry it as opposed to blow-dry. When the hair is wet the water causes the  strands to swell; and over time, this could weaken hair from the inside out.  


In Africa, Internet users cruise Google looking for the very best homemade beauty remedies – finding and using recipes for olive oil, and honey (which can both be used as moisturisers, masks and even makeup removers). The most Googled beauty question in Nigeria is "How can I make hair feel soft?"


The top beauty question in India, known for its ancient beauty techniques and secrets, is "Which vitamins are good for hair and skin?" The answer? Vitamin C helps with collagen production and can be found in dark leafy greens, broccoli and citrus fruits. Omega 3 fatty acids are also incredibly good for the skin, reducing inflammation, improving elasticity and helping with hydration. Foods in antioxidants such as berries, dark chocolate and beans and artichokes, are also incredibly beneficial for the hair and skin. 

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