Futuristic beauty: Dior reveal virtual reality glasses

Futuristic beauty: Dior reveal virtual reality glasses

'Dior Eyes'

New virtual reality headsets – 'Dior Eyes' – will grant exclusive backstage access to Dior fashion shows, revealing beauty details and secrets from behind the scenes. Get the scoop...

Coveted invites to Dior fashion shows may now become more accessible, thanks to the new 'Dior Eyes' virtual reality headsets, soon to be introduced by the French fashion house. The meeting of dual technologies – 3D-printing and virtual reality – will soon allow admirers of Dior to explore beauty secrets from behind the scenes of the high octane energy of a fashion show. 

Designed meticulously to enable the best possible usability and chic design, the headsets employ a minimalist black visor aesthetic that wraps into cushioned headphones. Discover how 'Dior Eyes' were designed from sketch to 3D-print to the exclusive backstage vantages, via the video below...

Dior Eyes will debut at select boutiques from June 2015

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