Fenty Beauty dropped four new products in 48 hours

Fenty Beauty dropped four new products in 48 hours


Text: Maddison Glendinning

Image: Instagram/FentyBeauty

Looking for some new prods to spice up your beauty drawer? Rihanna has you covered...

Fans go wild for any new release from Fenty Beauty so you can imagine just how crazy beauty aficionados have gone over the past 48 hours thanks to the brand's four new releases.

Yep, the brand went ahead and launched not one, not two, but four major new products in the past 48 hours.

First up, it launched the highly anticipated Getting Hotter summer collection which included three eyeliner trios and seven lipsticks. Then it released two mirrors, one handheld and one travel, on Wednesday in the brand's signature baby pink hue and hexagonal motif. And finally, overnight, it announced the launch of a lip balm and lip scrub as part of its new Prokissr range. 




So it's confirmed— all of our money is officially going to Rihanna. And we're OK with that. 

And it's set to be that way for a while with the launch of Fenty Skin happening almost imminently