Estée Lauder taps Eva Mendes to front 'New Dimension' line

Estée Lauder taps Eva Mendes to front 'New Dimension' line

The new vision of beauty

Editor: Buro 24/7

Beauty giant Estée Lauder have tapped actress and new mother Eva Mendes to front the campaign for its new line titled 'New Dimension'. Discover the details here...

Estée Lauder have unveiled a new range called 'New Dimension', tapping actress and mother to Ryan Gosling's child, Eva Mendes. Speaking of the new collection, Estée Lauder global brand president Jane Hertzmark Hudis said: “Women have many dimensions. The new vision of beauty goes beyond skin to the whole face,” adding: “The notion of structure and volume being the new beauty and wanting to look good from every angle are big ideas in our industry. It’s not about problem-solution, it’s about positive transformation.”

The range features two skincare products; New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum and New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape. The duo will be available in North America in May, followed by the rest of the world in September. Estée Lauder will also debut two new contouring compacts; the Shape + Sculpt Face Kit and the Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit.

Eva Mendes said:  “When you’re on a red carpet, you’re photographed from every angle and you can’t control that. But if you have products you love, once you go out there, you don’t worry as much. It’s a confidence booster.”