Beauty preview: L'Art du Soin by Diptyque

Beauty preview: L'Art du Soin by Diptyque

Five new skincare products

Image: Diptyque Paris

Diptyque Paris is preparing to release a new skincare line at the end of the month

A brand that has been popular for over half a century due to its famous scented candles and perfumes, Diptyque first launched its own skincare products four years ago.

Then the range consisted simply of soaps, shower gels and lotions, however now, the brand has expanded on variety with L'Art du Soin, comprised of five different, more inventive products.

First up are the Diptyque Cleaning Fluid and Infused Facial Water, each containing extract of damask rose and cleans deep into the pores.

The Nourishing Cleansing Balm is enriched with almond oil and flower wax, which removes makeup and nourishes the skin.

And finally, the Multi-Use Exfoliation Clay and Radiance Boosting Powder work by first exfoliating the smallest particles of the skin before a light powder is applied, which upon contact with water is converted into foam. 

Diptyque's L'Art du Soin is available online at the end of the February

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