Chanel present a new CC cream for spring

Chanel present a new CC cream for spring

Simply elegant

Image: Chanel

Coco Chanel considered beauty as a way of life, so this cream is all about practicality and functionalism by combining different qualities to perfect your complexion all in one easy product

The CC Cream initiated by Chanel was designed for the modern woman - simple and fast to use, this new product offers complete correction care for the complexion. Having been such a success in Asia, Chanel has now launched the cream for women all over the world, developing a specific shade to suit a Caucasian complexion.

The combination of skin-care and long-lasting makeup is just one of the benefits that add to a natural finish. Visibly evening out your skin tone and creating a radiant, fresh look all day.

The CC Cream is also infused with a Chanel scent and has a velvet like texture that provides maximum comfort and long lasting coverage. 


Chanel's new CC cream

The 30ml tube containing SPF has a price tag of 245dhs.

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