First look: Cara Delevingne for YSL beauty

First look: Cara Delevingne for YSL beauty

Cara's red hot for revolution

Image: Fashion Gone Rogue

Model Cara Delevingne begins the New Year with a beauty advertisement for YSL

Stunning photos of Cara Delevingne have been released from her recent photo shoot for Yves St Laurent beauty. Taking on a femme fatal persona Cara looks sultry in the new ad, with a red stained lip from the YSL's Revolution line of glossy lip stains, dressed in black lace & leather she exudes femininity. Another image shows the British model on a blanket of petals in the spring 2014 cosmetics campaign. Delevingne will also star in the upcoming DKNY campaign, which we can't wait to preview.

 Cara Delevingne for YSL beauty

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