Brooke Shields launches collection with MAC Cosmetics

Brooke Shields launches collection with MAC Cosmetics


Site: WWD

The Princeton-educated model, actress, author and mother is about to add another feather to her hat: make-up creator

Barely two months has passed since MAC announced that Sharon and Kelly Osbourne would create an exclusive collection for the cosmetics giant, but MAC is at it again – this time with an even bigger name, Brook Shields – who has embarked upon every woman's dream, creating a bespoke make-up collection, and of course it is MAC's largest celebrity collaboration to date...

Calling the collaboration "serendipitous", Shields will launch her collection with MAC Cosmetics in October. During the creative process, Shields was so inspired that she actually ended up creating two cosmetics concepts, telling WWD: "One was this really fresh-faced, cleaner, daytime look and the other was much more vampy with a big focus on the eyes, and I'm both of these things," she explained. "I like the natural part of myself, and I like the sexier side, too. James asked me what I liked best, and I just could not make up my mind between these two very diverse looks. So I thought, 'Maybe they'll like one better, or say this is the one for the market.' It was like trying to pick a wedding dress." 

Brooke Sheilds MAC

In the end, the senior team at Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. decided to go ahead and launch both collections: "We got into this conversation, and every woman we know, even if they have a predominant style, definitely has two sides," said Shields. "So we decided to highlight the richness of both of those." 

At the centre of the collection is a 16-shade eye-shadow palette – marking the first time the brand has created a celebrity palette so large. The 312 AED eye must-have includes shades ranging from 'Pretty', a soft golden peach beige, to 'Carbone', a matte black shade. Shields insisted that the palette contain not only a variety of finishes – from satin and frost to Veluxe pearl and shimmer – but a full complement of shades to boot.

"In every palette I've ever bought, there always seems to be something missing - like a highlighter or a crease colour," Shields explained. "I always have to get a second one. So I wanted to make sure we got it all in one with this. The ability to vacillate between different parts of my personality – and a woman's strengths in each – was important. Once women start having children, they seem to be lumped into this mom category, but some of the sexiest women I know have had children. I think beauty is seen in confidence – the confidence to be whatever they want to at that time." 

The collection features chic grey packaging with orange accents – new look for MAC and its traditionally black, stark compacts – which, was inspired by the creator's recent home renovation project in New York's West Village.

Naming the colours and pieces wasn't an easy task for Sheilds, who said "I kept coming up with names and lists. I'd sit and have sessions with myself. Then, once you run through sort of your children's names and your dogs' names and your towns, it's like 'Now that I've got that out of my system, I can be creative.'" The mother of two decided against naming any of the items after her children, explaining:  "It felt a little too precious [to do that]," However, her dog got a mention with 'Pepper', a dark charcoal eye shadow.

The Brooke Shields x MAC Cosmetics collaboration will launch October 2 – first in MAC stores in North America, before becoming internationally available later that month.