Armani reveals its Christmas cosmetics range

Armani reveals its Christmas cosmetics range

Holidays are coming

Titled 'Orient Excess' – Armani has released details of its cosmetics collection for Holiday 2014, full of exotic bright reds and taupe tones

The new collection by Giorgio Armani Beauty for Holiday 2014 is going by the name of 'Orient Excess' and is all about contrast and purity, true Armani sophistication. To celebrate the season, it's a collection that invites you on an "exotic journey to the snowy steppes of the Far North".

The plains of which, covered in frost and stretching as far as the eye can see, directly inspired Giorgio Armani Beauty to create a polar-type atmosphere through a pure and intense make-up range, as described by Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist for the brand. She personally designed a high-impact make-up collection for an "opaline complexion" – enhanced with subtle, captivating dashes of bright red and crimson.

Explore the range below, now:


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