10 things we learnt from Mario Dedivanovic's glow tutorial in Dubai

10 things we learnt from Mario Dedivanovic's glow tutorial in Dubai

An afternoon with one of the best in the business

Text: Maddison Glendinning

Laura Mercier's Global Makeup Artist and celebrity makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic is in Dubai today for a one-day stay. Here's what we learnt from his 45-minute masterclass...

Last year, Mario Dedivanovic was named as the new Global Makeup Artist for Laura Mercier and today, the celebrity beauty guru was in Dubai with the brand for a special event.

In town to fete the brand's new Glow Setting Powder, Kim Kardashian West's go-to guy hosted a 45-minute masterclass. Here were the key takeaways from this afternoon's session.

1. Mario is a fan of the local beauty aesthetic

"That's what I love about the Arab countries," he told the crowd. "I know they're always going to have glam makeup on." 

2. His preferred method of application is to pat

"I always pat, I never drag anything on the face. I think that's the key to flawless application."

3. And he prefers a puff over a brush.

"95 per cent of the time, I use a puff to apply powder because it doesn't ruin the foundation underneath. The only time I use brushes is after I've set the makeup with the puff because the makeup is then bulletproof and I can move the brushes around without ruining everything." 

4. Especially when applying the new Glow Setting Powder.

"I like to put it on the puff and rub it in because it evenly distributes on the face. The finish is much more natural."

5. You can use blush to help detract from dark under eye circles.

"I like to make everyone smile and put it in the pointiest part of the cheek and bring it right up [into the under eye area]. If you have dark circles, this helps them to look brighter."

6. He's a fan of cream eyeshadows.

"I have always preferred a cream shadow. Cream shadows are the most underrated product in the makeup industry. With a powder shadow, it would take me five times longer [to create an eye look]. You can use powder shadows over [cream shadows] for more texture or more intensity or you can leave it." 

7. But not of liquid lipsticks.

"I really hate liquid lipsticks. I really dislike them because they're so dry and you can see the texture however I do like matte lips."

8. There's a simple trick to make your lipstick last longer.

"For those who like super long-wear, you can take some translucent powder and just pat it and then do one more layer of colour. That really stays for a long time."

9. He doesn't use foundation under the eyes.

"I usually don't put foundation under the eye. I use three types of concealer — dry, liquid and a lighter liquid concealer. The only thing I do with the foundation is blend it up to just under the eye."

10. Finally, there's no hard and fast rule for every face.

"Everyone has a different face so you can't do the same thing on every single face. You have to do what looks best on your face."

He also hinted that he's working on an eyeshadow palette. When asked by a member of the crowd about a palette, he responded, "You guys want me to create another palette? I will." 

Watch this space. 

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