Top 10: Post-workout products for men

Top 10: Post-workout products for men

Don't sweat it...

No pain and all the gain: Buro 24/7 has found the ten must-have products to keep you looking and feeling great after your workout – both inside and out. We're doing our bit to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals for 2015...

Whether you're making new resolutions for 2015 or you blast it in the gym 365 days of the year, Buro 24/7 has searched high and low for the best selection of post-work out products to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals and make sure that nothing is standing in your way.

Cross-Fit aficionados, cardio addicts and power yogis alike can benefit from our top notch selection of skin care, muscle restoring products and multi nutritional supplements. We've even found some handy gadgets that can keep you on track when you're on the go. These innovative products will take care of all of your post work-out needs and make sure you are ready to go for your next session. All you need to do, is go for the burn...

men post work out products

1. Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil

One surefire way to ease those aching muscles after a strength session, is the restorative properties of essential oils. Aromatherapy Associates have been leading the way in blending therapeutic oils for over thirty years. Experience the intensely warming and easing powers of rosemary, black pepper, lavender and ginger to de-stress your body after a tough weights work out. Pour a few drops into a warm bath and soak yourself for deep relaxation and repair.


men post work out products

2. The B-12 Spray by David Kirsch

David Kirsch’s natural spray provides energy and vitamin B-12 benefits that give you an instant boost. If you’ve increased the intensity of your workouts the vitamin B-12 benefits may be just what you need. This is a organic vitamin supplement that naturally protects the nervous system, improves the immune system and helps keep your body energised. With its great berry taste this spray is a satisfying alternative to pill supplements, spritz some into your post workout shake or your morning juice and feel fully fortified.


men post work out products

3. Soothing Muscle Soak Bath Salts from Scottish Fine Soaps

Immerse yourself in a muscle soak bath with signature male grooming bath salts from Scottish Fine Soaps and drink in the benefits of these naturally occurring highland minerals. Hailing from one of the most naturally nutrient rich environments on earth these salts will leave your skin nourished and your muscles soothed. The perfect way to wind down after a work out. 


men post work out products

4. In Transit Muscle Therapy by This Works

This ingenious portable muscle relief is able to diffuse tension in hard to reach places, thanks to its clever and convenient rollerball applicator. Benefit from instant relief with this formula that will keep working for several hours after application. The rollerball enables you to massage satisfyingly deep into muscles, while the warming, spicy mix of clove, black pepper and marjoram essential oils works to relieve aches and pains. This will soon become your new gym bag essential. 


men post work out products

5. Hercule from Huygens

If you’re thorough with your workout, you will no doubt be thorough with your post work out grooming. Keep your locks in great shape and harness the forces of nature with Huygens rosemary and cleary sage shampoo. Boasting a hearty list of all natural ingredients with a focus on organically grown ingredients, one rep is enough to achieve strong locks with this shampoo. 


men post work out products

6. Badger Joint Rub Balm

Apply a touch of this soothing joint rub to knees, shoulders, elbows and any other aching joints after a challenging work out. The anti-inflammatory properties of arnica montana and black pepper will get to work in no time and the heat of the cayenne pepper will help your achy joints feel instantly soothed with the added benefit of aiding circulation. This convenient tub is super portable too, and will slot nicely into your pocket or gym bag.


men post work out products

7. Detox Bath Oil by Elemental Herbology

Beat those dreaded next-day-aches with botanical bathing infusion bath oil, which helps to reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins, leaving you positively energised and revived. The powerful combination of grapefruit, juniper berry rosemary and geranium will soften the skin and stimulate circulation leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges. 



men post work out products

8. Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak by MIO

If sitting through a 90 minute hatha flow class doesn't fit into your agenda but you want to enjoy the benefits of all that dynamic stretching then Liquid Yoga could be perfect for you. It is your personal masseuse in a bottle helping with muscle fatigue, relaxing tight, stressed shoulders and soothing tired, achy bodies whilst detoxifying and re-energising. Magnesium rich epsom salts and arnica relieve aches and pains whilst helping muscles recover and help eliminate toxins that prevent your body from reaching its potential. 



men post work out products

9. Clean and Lean Shake Machine by Bodyism

Shakes and smoothies are an integral part of clean living and an important part of your workout ritual. Not being able to rustle up your morning smoothie or your post workout shake when away from home can really throw you off course. This shake machine can help you stay on track from the office, a hotel room or even an airport lounge. You never need to miss a shake again. Simply throw your ingredients in and whizz them up, wirelessly and drink straight from the tumbler. 



men post work out products

10. Bespoke Man Food-State Daily Multi Nutrient by Wild Nutrition

Your hard work in the gym deserves the best nutritional support, don't sweat it, Wild Nutrition have a fully comprehensive easy multivitamin to bolster your workout. It contains a blend of highly bio-available ingredients with amino acids and CoEnzyme Q10. It has been specifically developed for men who want to maintain optimum vitality and support key areas of health such as immune health, energy and sports recovery. 

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