Marc Jacobs' make-up line for men

Marc Jacobs' make-up line for men

Boy tested, girl approved

Image: Buro 24/7 Russia

After launching his cosmetics and make-up line last year, Marc Jacobs has been demonstrating his very own "Boy Tested, Girl Approved" technique

With a mission to make make-up for men mainstream, the Marc Jacobs Beauty "Boy Tested, Girl Approved" collection – which includes concealer, brow gel and lip balm, is aimed at gentlemen who are not ashamed at being seen to take care of their appearance.

Mark himself corrects the shape of eyebrows every morning with said gel: "It is a very soft, non-adhesive liquid and not heavy." The designer enthuses, saying that the  lip balm – with Buriti oil, shea butter and avocado – is also absolutely necessary, "It's minty taste is very important, you have to be moisturised and ready to kiss, whenever..."

A 'Remedy Concealer Pen', also with moisturising and anti-aging components is available too, having been released in nine shades – giving its user fresh appeal, removing signs of fatigue, and protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays. 


The Boy Tested, Girl Approved range is available now exclusively at Sephora

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