James Gray to direct new Bleu de Chanel campaign

James Gray to direct new Bleu de Chanel campaign

The French fashion house taps the famous American director

Chanel has given its five-year-old men’s scent – Bleu de Chanel – a makeover with an advertising campaign that will be unveiled to the public on February 5, written and directed by James Gray

Known for his film's We Own the Night and The Immigrant – James Gray will be directing Chanel's newest fragrance ad, featuring French actor Gaspard Ulliel.

The original ad Bleu de Chanel campaign was created by Martin Scorsese and featured a man who had decided to free himself of all of life's constraints. The 2015 advertisement will be based on a famous actor, who's hounded by his fans and torn between his stardom and dreams for a quiet life, all shot in Los Angeles. The new video campaign is also backed by Bob Dylan's track All Along the Watchtower, performed by Jimi Hendrix.

"I wanted to raise the issue of this craziness inherent to the film world, within which we lead both a comfortable and an uncomfortable life," notes Gray.  

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