\"Some fragrances are like a feel-good movie\" – Anne Flipo on creating Mademoiselle Rochas

"Some fragrances are like a feel-good movie" – Anne Flipo on creating Mademoiselle Rochas

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Interview: Farouk Chekoufi

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Rochas

With bouquets of new perfumes arriving en mass, there's just a few that "can change your day for the best". Discover Rochas' latest game changer now...

T his summer scents have bloomed but none more so than Mademoiselle Rochas. Created by perfumer Anne Flipo, the fragrance signals the fashion house's love story for lace. Here Farouk Chekoufi speaks exclusively to the nose about how perfumes are the ultimate mood-changer and why florals eternally communicate love...

What is the inspiration and construction of Mademoiselle Rochas?

To translate this Parisian "je ne sais quoi" I crafted an iconic floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and violet twisted with gourmand notes, a redcurrant accord, a toffee apple (which is called "love apple" in French), and, as the fragrance evolves, Chantilly musk and a creamy sandalwood. Each element is a nod to the many facets of the Rochas woman, Ivy. She's Parisian, elegant, impertinent, effortless, cheerful and optimistic.


How does the fragrance relate to Paris?

In a few words I would say Mademoiselle Rochas is a lively interpretation to remind us that Paris is forever the city of beauty.

What is your ultimate ingredient and why? 

Nature, especially flowers, even after years of fragrance creation, I can't help but feel fascinated by their richness. A rose can show so many different facets, it can be honeyed or fresh, light and watery depending on how you chose to chisel it. 


Why is a signature fragrance like true love?

Because like true love, in the end, there is no possible way to explain how the magic really happens. 

What is the Rochas style today?

Alessandro Dell'Acqua has made Rochas a brand that is about timeless elegance with a touch of eccentricity. This is what I did with Mademoiselle Rochas, take the beauty and iconicity of the floral bouquet but twist it with modern notes like toffee apple and redcurrant.


Why is perfume a good vehicle for storytelling?

Smell is directly linked to the cerebral centre of emotions and memory, unlike the other four. It triggers the same things as a good story: feelings, raw emotions. Some fragrances are like a feel-good movie and just smelling them can change your day for the best. 

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