Introducing Rima Khoreibi's 'Micaroon' make-up line

Introducing Rima Khoreibi's 'Micaroon' make-up line

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Buro 24/7 Middle East sits down with the creative cosmetics innovator behind the new and unique UAE-based beauty brand, Micaroon

Lebanease-born Rima Khoreibi is the brains behind one of the region's latest beauty concepts  Micaroon make-up. An astute business woman with a keen eye for detail who has long been in love with cosmetics...

After four years of extensive research and development, as well as travelling the globe to find the most suitable, natural ingredients to use in the cosmetic line, Micaroon was born.

The fun brand, which was inspired by the sweet French macaroon cookie, features an array of gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses and mascara which are currently available in S*uce Boutiques in the UAE.

This week, Buro 24/7 Middle East caught up with Rima Khoreibi to find out more on her imaginative brand and favourite beauty products...

 Micaroon make up interview

What inspired you to create your own beauty line and why beauty products as opposed to clothes or accessories? 

There are a couple of aspects that inspired me to create the Micaroon make up collection. The beauty of macaroon cookies is probably the foremost for the inspiration. I love the shape and the many colours of the macaroon cookie and I thought how perfect it would be as make up packaging, to utilise on all the colours and display them in the same way as a macaroon shop. They are so attractive and glamorous and feminine all at once, a great formula for inspiration. This then led to researching the market and I realised there is a niche for this type of new and unique brand. 

What is your daily beauty regime?

My daily beauty regime is face SPF 50, eye liner, blush and lip gloss or lipstick. During the day I try to keep it 'soft glam', while at night if I'm going out, I'll take it up a notch by adding a gorgeous eye shadow, like the 'Burj' or 'WKND' shades from Micaroon. 

What are three of your favourite beauty products that you cant live without? 

I can't live without SPF for the face, coconut oil for the body, hair and face, and lip gloss.

 Micaroon make up interview

What is your favourite product from the Micaroon range? 

There are so many!! If I really had to choose I would say  the FTW (For The Wind) lipstick, it's the most stunning shimmery pink!

Can you give us some beauty tips for the hot summer season ahead? 

Keep your make up light and fresh for the summer. Try not to use a strong face illuminator as our faces tend to get oilier in the summer heat. Use a soft face hi-lighter like Micaroon PROPS, it gives the perfect summer glow without looking too shiny.

Who is your ultimate beauty icon? 

I can't really say I have an ultimate beauty icon as there are so many stunning women out there, plus I'm personally surrounded by many. But considering that I'm a true believer in inner beauty as well, I will say Jennifer Lawrence. She seems gorgeous on the inside as well as on the outside and that's what makes her super appealing.  

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