\"Glossier girls have something cool to say\" – Glossier's Emily Weiss on millennials, milestones and being a body hero

"Glossier girls have something cool to say" – Glossier's Emily Weiss on millennials, milestones and being a body hero

Glossier than thou

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This month three years ago, Emily Weiss launched her cult beauty brand, Glossier. Here she speaks to Buro 24/7 about her beauty empire, out-of-the-box skincare solutions and why anyone can be a Glossier girl...

E mily Weiss has an amazing story. She started out as a fashion assistant at Vogue with an affinity for beauty. Noting a gap in the market for a beauty website with real substance – one that interviewed everyone from makeup artists to models – she created Into The Gloss seven years ago, juggling two jobs until the site became so successful that it turned into her full-time gig.

Following the success of the site, Weiss – who is just 32-years-old – started her own makeup and skincare brand, Glossier, in late 2014. Today, exactly three years later, Weiss, who is clearly a trendsetter when it comes to how women consume their beauty (both reporting and products-wise), glosses over her growing empire...

Over the past three years Glossier has emerged from a start-up to an entrepreneurial success story. Reflecting on the launch why did you make the leap from running a successful website to having your own beauty range?

Creating Glossier was the natural step to take after years of success with Into The Gloss. Glossier is essentially the physical manifestation of everything we learn from our community of loyal readers and the amazing people we interview and collaborate with.


Glossier is not-so-basic skincare. But it speaks volumes to women on the go. Why? 

Glossier creates skincare essentials – the products women reach for every day and always have a place on their 'top shelf'. We call them not-so-basic because they are incredibly intuitive and simple to use, yet made from highly effective, luxury ingredients. The gap we are filling is between quality and accessibility.

Who is the Glossier girl? Is she a millenial, a trendsetter, a faithful reader of Into The Gloss, a sophisticate or all of the above?

Glossier girls have something cool to say. They are insecure some days, but are wildly confident on others. They have freckles, pores, scars. They are chic, fun and smart. Glossier girls embrace wherever they're at. Anyone can be a Glossier girl. 


What are your favourite products and do you have unique or out-of-the-box ways in which we can use them?

I love all of the Glossier products, of course. But I do have a few tricks... I love to use the Balm Dotcom as a highlighter, dabbing a bit on my cheekbones and eyelids for a super soft, dewy glow. Our Moisturizing Moon Mask also doubles as a super moisturising treatment while you sleep – great to use after a long flight.


Who are your personal beauty idols?

Stylist Kate Young is such a pro and I am always learning about new products and tricks from her.

What is your favourite part about running Into The Gloss as well as Glossier?

My favourite part is hands down watching this team of amazing, creative people I've assembled create and grow the Glossier brand. They are all so talented and passionate, it is truly inspirational to be a part of.

What are your personal favourite beauty picks?

The Glossier Phase 1 Set is the backbone of my beauty routine and often I don't reach for much else. But some of my other go-tos are the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, Le Labo Santal 33 Solid Perfume and Kevin Aucoin The Volume Mascara.

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