Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Summer beauty tips from Renée Rouleau

Buro 24/7 Exclusive: Summer beauty tips from Renée Rouleau

Beat the heat with some new secrets

Image: Renee Rouleau

As the days get hotter, skin expert and celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau reveals some of her top beauty tips for the Summer season especially for Buro 24/7's readers…

Renée Rouleau believes there's more to skin than the one-size-fits-all approach, with an exclusive skincare line based on nine unique skin types, Rouleau knows a thing or two about maintaining beautiful skin.

With her unique products and spas in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York attracting celebrity clientele and loyal followers from around the world, Rouleau unveils some of her best summer beauty tips exclusively to Buro 24/7...

1. Protect your scalp from sunburn

If you will be out in the sun, wear a hat, particularly one with a wide brim. If you can't wear a hat, dust a mineral powder sunscreen on to the part in your hair or the exposed scalp.

2. Wear sunglasses to prevent eye wrinkles

Most sunglasses nowadays are made to protect against UV rays and, therefore, offer excellent eye protection. Sunglasses prevent you from squinting, which helps to slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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3. Wear sunscreen on any exposed areas

Apply a generous coat of sunscreen on the face and neck (I love using Daily Protection SPF 30 because it's formulated for oily, acne-prone skin types like mine), but then I also dust on ColoreScience Mineral Powder SPF 50 over it to provide extra protection. Reapplying sun protection every hour is important because sunscreens wear off, sweat off and wash off. Also, know that SPF 30 offers only 4% more sun protection than an SPF 15. And an SPF 45 offersonly 2% more than an SPF 30. The higher up you go, that percentage lessens. The real secret to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is to reapply often and generously-it's really not the SPF number that matters.

4. Discontinue the use of retinol and exfoliating acids

Stop using these products four days before you'll be at the beach, lake or pool because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. However, you can start using it immediately after you've been exposed to the outdoor, as long as your don't have a sunburn on your skin.

5. When soothing a sunburn, avoid applying lotion-instead use cold yogurt 

A common misconception about soothing a sunburn is that you should keep re-applying lotion (especially aloe vera-based lotion) to keep the skin moist. However, layering lotion on sunburned skin traps heat, keeping the skin red longer. Skin must breathe to let out heat.

Cold plain yogurt applied to the skin works as an anti-inflammatory and heat remover. Apply, let dry for 15 minutes, and rinse. Repeat every hour. Or try a soothing and healing mask like Bio Calm Repair Masque to cool heat-activated  and parched skin.

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6. Blot the skin to remove excess oil

Although there is no miracle product to control the extra oil that you get during the summer months, there are ways to keep that shine under control. Oil blotting papers are great to use during the day to actually remove the oils off the skin to give you the feel of freshly washed skin or if you're in a pinch, a regular tissue will work. Follow with a lightweight makeup powder to ensure a matte look.

7. Use topical vitamin C to protect skin from environmental damage

The topical use of vitamin C has been proven over and over to be an effective way to slow down the appearance of skin aging, when used on a daily basis. During the summer when there is an increase in sun exposure and free radical activity is at its highest, using a well-formulated vitamin C serum is a must. Look for a formula using magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a type of vitamin C that also helps prevent and fade summer sun spots. It's what we use in our best-selling Vitamin C & E Treatment and it won't irritate the skin like others may do 

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