Alpha-H: The Australian beauty brand changing women's faces

Alpha-H: The Australian beauty brand changing women's faces

Golden opportunity

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Alpha-H

With products like liquid gold and liquid laser available over the counter, it's no surprise that this Aussie cult cosmetics brand has women lining up to try their treatments...

Alpha-H may be new to the region — it first arrived on the shelves at Harvey Nichols Dubai six months ago — but it's been a firm favourite in the skincare market for over 26 years. Developed off just one active ingredient, alpha-hydroxy acid, by Michelle Doherty who runs the Gold Coast-based company with her husand and three daughters, Alpha-H is now one of the most sought after skincare brands for treating acne and pigmentation.

"The brand's philosophy is about resurfacing and exfoliation," said Doherty. "That, in our professional opinion, is the most fundamental base to having flawless skin. Women in their 50s and 60s who don't exfoliate, can wear the same layer of skin for 60 days, and then they wonder why they look dull and tired."

Drawing on decades of well-researched ingredients, Doherty also says the secret to the success of Alpha-H is in the way they combine their products. "We work with concentrations of active ingredients that are higher than other brands. These are actually buffered with evening rose, green tea as well as other ingredients. Alpha-H is about the perfect synergy between pharmaceutical ingredients and vitamins."

The "international brand made in Australia," as Doherty describes Alpha-H, also works to source ingredients from their backyard. "We manufacture our products, which gives us more freedom to source local ingredients, including our caffeine-based products, which we source from a local Queensland coffee brewer."

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